January 8, 2009

Sarah Palin sits down for a long interview to discuss how she was mistreated by the media. In it are such doozies as a personal attack on Katie Couric (“Katie, you’re not the center of everybody’s universe”), raising the point that she might have been discriminated against because of her class, her anger at SNL for a skit that aired before she went on the show…and her subsequently admitting that she would still have gone on the show had she seen it anyway, and more. If I’m not mistaken, this may be unprecedented:

Has a losing candidate for national office ever been so addicted to re-living the campaign over and over again on camera?  Is Palin’s subsequent behavior, in and of itself, unimpeachable proof that she wasn’t prepared for this role? 

I know that piling on Sarah Palin is supposed to be over by now.  But there are days I continue to think about it and I have to wonder about all the media figures who pretended as if she was a viable candidate.  I remember the Sunday morning after her appointment when George Will and Cokie Roberts praised her to the heavens on “This Week” and Sam Donaldson’s head almost exploded.  I may be mistaken, but I believe he may have actually said, “Are you people smoking f*cking crack?!”  

That represented the only time when I saw a media figure basically say that this whole Sarah Palin thing is a bad joke.   So despite Mark Halperin’s comments that media coverage of Obama was “disgusting,” the most shockingly disgusting thing about media coverage of this past election was the fact that so many supposedly accredited pundits failed to proclaim that this Sarah Palin thing was the joke that it was.   

I hope so many of them take a look at this sad, discredited camera-addict, who misses the spotlight so much she sits down with conspiracy-theorist documentarians to talk about how “mean” the media was to her.  

Really, honey.  The economy is collapsing.  The Middle East is burning.  Things aren’t going so well out there.  Get out of the way so we can deal with them.  You just don’t matter anymore.


One Response to “Flabbergasted”

  1. GDH1 Says:

    “You’re not the center of everybody’s universe” may be the projecting-est projection that ever projected.

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