Welcome to Strategy for Progress

January 6, 2009

Welcome to the birth of a new blog.  Some of you may recognize me from my postings on DailyKos, where I recently wrote a long “Goodbye Cruel World” diary, saying my farewell to a community where I have participated since practically its inception.  But it was time to move on, and I haven’t regretted leaving a day since.

In the diary, I mentioned that I would be blogging elsewhere, and this is going to be the more “minor” of my two new blogs.  This one is specifically going to be focused on politics (and political blogs).  The other will involve other authors and topics will be more varied and hopefully more interesting.   Yet I still will need an outlet for my political thoughts, and here’s where this site comes in.

Why the name, “Strategy for Progress?” (which, as a friend pointed out, sounds creepily Communist, not at all how I intended)

I wanted something that captured the goal of this blog and my writing: that goal is to help President Obama pass as much of his legislation as possible and to help realize the vision he laid out in the course of the campaign.  My goal is NOT to parse the legislation, classify cabinet appointments, or subject the new administration to a liberal purity test.  There are plenty of other sites where you can get that.  Some is even productive (when done honestly).  But I just find it boring.  

I want to revel in the fact that we have a Democratic administration AND congress.  I want to enjoy being on the winning team and push for more victories.  Compromise will be necessary, and not everything will be to everyone’s liking.  The perfect is often the enemy of the good, and I’m not sure that people without health care, for example, will care if they get it using through legislation that uses the particular mechanism a liberal blogger wants.

Whether my work will be interesting or not remains to be seen.  I have no grand ambitions for the site or for its growth, and why should I?  I’m no one of importance.  If the site grows it will do so in an organic sense and then, great.  If not, so be it.  

My one goal: try to write well.  I may not post frequently, but I will try to communicate my thoughts effectively.  If I can accomplish that, I will be happy.  

In time, if things grow, more authors may join the site and contribute.  But time will tell.

In the meantime, any and all feedback is welcome.  Thank you for reading.


One Response to “Welcome to Strategy for Progress”

  1. real world chick Says:

    Hi Dansac:

    I’ll be dropping by to read your stuff. Good luck with this and I think you might be right that netroots 2.0 is a necessary thing.

    Glad your not gone. I always enjoy your posts.


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